Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Eye exams are not only to check for eyeglasses and contacts. It requires much more than creating a prescription. Our exams are always comprehensive, and early detection and prevention are at the forefront of our philosophy. Our facilities are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment that enables us to view and capture images and scan the back of your eyes.

Latest Equipment: Advanced Retinal Imaging, Visual Field.

Common Conditions: Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Amblyopia, Strabismus

Contact Lenses & Specialty Fits

Our doctors work with every client to evaluate the full range of contact lens options available to identify the most suitable options for your vision needs.

Specialty Fits: Astigmatism / Toric, Monovision, Multifocal, RGP Lenses, Colored Lenses.

Full Scope Medical Optometry

Our eye health can often provide an early warning for systemic disease, but many times are only examined as an afterthought. Our training and experience, combined with our suite of diagnostic and imaging equipment, enables us to identify, diagnose, and treat a wide range of ophthalmic conditions to offer comprehensive care that extends beyond the routine.

Styes, Eye Infections, Lid Inflammation, Foreign Body Injury, Migraines, Allergies, Floaters, Lid Twitches, Digital Strain, Dry Eyes.

Co-Management: LASIK, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathies.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dr. Massri is specialized in dry eye treatment and offers different therapeutical treatments, our goal addressing both symptoms and root causes.

Selected Therapies: Prokera Amniotic Membrane, Collagen Punctal Plugs, Restasis®️, Xiidra®️, Vital Tears.

Myopia Management

We offer non-invasive, semi-permanent vision correction options, for our patients seeking to manage or reduce the progression of myopia, Dr. Massri can review and evaluate the full range of available therapies to determine a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Massri is a certified MiSight optometrist.

Selected Therapies: MiSight, Atropine.

Ages: 8 and up.

Lid Hygiene & Deep Cleansing

This is known as Blepharitis and symptoms include itchy, red, or flaky surrounding skin. Our in-office deep lid cleaning is as gentle as it is thorough to exfoliate and remove bacteria, dirt/debris, old makeup, and lash extension buildup.

Aesthetics & Eye

Dr. Massri implements a variety of non-surgical therapeutic agents to provide lid lifts, reading correction, eye whitening, and lash growth.

Selected Therapies: Upneeq®️, Vuity®️, Lumify®️, Latisse

DMV Vision Test

We are licensed to perform DMV vision testing and certify results for submission to governmental licensing entities.